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Training on Theory and Practice of Project Scheduling



Attendees will demonstrate the principles of project scheduling, from the simple forward pass and early dates to advanced use of constraints, resources, calendars, statusing, baseline control and earned value. They will show methods of schedule problem diagnoses and discover scheduling abuses to avoid. They will apply these skills using classroom exercises. This is a course in principles and is a prerequisite to learning any scheduling software package.

This course covers the Time Management knowledge area of the PMBOK© Guide. This is the training that many project managers and construction managers have failed to take, making it difficult for them to design the perfect schedule management plan for their project. This training is mandatory for project schedulers. The training plan revolves around:

  1. Overview and strategy
  2. Development and Analysis
  3. Resources and Costs
  4. Management and Reporting
  5. Definitions and Software
  6. Project, program, and portfolio management
  7. Scope and WBS
  8. Cost Management and Earned Value
  9. Risk management
  10. Communication management
  11. Advanced scheduling


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