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Integrated cost-schedule risk analysis & management training

+ Microsoft Power BI tips and tricks

for practicing project professionals.

Online training | In-person training on your site or at our premises.

Training in English and/or Portuguese (your choice)

Target publicCorporate training or individual training for project owners or contractors.

High level training plan based on PMI, AACE, APM standards.


- 24 hours, 40 hours, or 80 hours. 

Option: 6-month continuous coaching. Contact the coach at any time and get help within 24 hours when you have an issue with your project.

Training plan:

1. Back to the basics: Probability of a random event and the Strong Law of Large Numbers.

2. Monte Carlo analysis in Excel. Yes, in Excel.

3. Fundaments: Uncertainty and risk: Are they the same?

4. Prerequisites to risk analysis: A good dynamic schedule is needed.

5. Schedule and cost risk analysis must be integrated. There is no other option!

6. Overview of the domains of risk management:

- Risk Strategy and Planning.

- Stakeholder Engagement.

- Risk Process Facilitation.

- Risk Monitoring and Reporting.

- Perform Specialized Risk Analyses.

7. Risk management process groups and critical success factors.

8. How to build realism into a cost or schedule? Probabilistic and conditional branching.

9. Software training: Primavera Risk Analysis (optionally, Safran Risk, Deltek Acumen Risk).

10. Correlation:

11. Selling "good risk management" to project stakeholders.

12. Links with the concept of project production planning.

13. Preparation for the formal PMI-RMP exam, or training exercises to reinforce risk concepts for those who are not planning to take a formal exam.

Short description of the training course:

The course on risk analysis and management teaches project professionals the proven techniques of risk strategy and planning, stakeholder engagement, risk process facilitation, risk monitoring and reporting, and performing specialized risk analyses with Primavera Risk Analysis. Online or in-person.

Long description of the training course:

Initial estimates of costs and schedules have been consistently wrong. Well over 35% of projects managed by "experienced" project managers end up exceeding either the budget, the schedule, or both; over and over againPersistent statistics even indicate that in some cases the percentage is as high as 60-80%!

Is this a normal situation when it comes to managing large projects, or is there a way out of this deadly spiral? What about project management in the Covid-19 era and beyond?

The root cause of underperformance is the fact that project managers and their teams tend to systematically underestimate or even ignore the risks of complexity, changes in scope, etc. when developing projects and making decisions.

Such ignorance or underestimation of risks is labeled optimism. Some project management professionals recognize this optimistic bias. Still, those with an understanding of project risk management may never have heard of powerful concepts such as risk drivers, probabilistic and conditional branching. This lack of knowledge alone leaves these professionals no chance of developing a realistic baseline for their project costs or schedules.

Ekton's course on integrated cost-schedule risk analysis and management with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (+ Microsoft Power BI tips and tricks) teaches you how to build realism into project estimates, establish predictability, and manage stakeholders’ expectations.