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Scheduling Management


The success of a project depends in part on having an integrated and reliable schedule that defines when and how long work will occur, and how each activity is related to the others.

The project schedule provides road map for systematic project executionidentify and resolve potential problems, and promote accountability at all levels of the project.

schedule provides a time sequence for the duration of a project’s activities and helps everyone understand both the dates for major milestones and the activities that drive the schedule.

This course includes many practical sessions with a scheduling tools, using PMI and AACE approaches and other schedule best practices, which are intended to stimulate interest and to help the trainees gain intuition about how schedule management works under a variety of real-life circumstances.

In this course, you will learn about:

1. Benefits of Having Project Schedule

- Benefits of Schedule for the Owner;

- Benefits of Schedule for the Contractor;

2. Overview of Schedule Planning, Development Process and Combination of PMI and AACE approaches

- PMI Processes and Methodologies for Schedule Management;

- AACE Processes and Methodologies for Schedule Management;

3. The Key Success Factors of Schedule Model Development in Primavera P6/Synchro Scheduler

- Important Steps for Schedule Development using Primavera P6/Synchro Scheduler;

- Important Steps for Updating Schedule using Primavera P6/Synchro Scheduler;

- Important Steps for Schedule Compression using Primavera P6/Synchro Scheduler;

4. Strategies to be used for the Development of the Project Schedule

- Schedule Density;

- Types of Schedule;

5. Fundamental Problems of Schedules TodayBest Practices Recommended for Development of the Project Schedule

- The Schedule must Reflect all Activities in the Project;

- Good Practices of Sequencing all Activities Reflected in the Schedule;

- Importance of Assigning Resources in Activities;

- Good Practices Recommended to Define Durations of Activities;

- Importance of Scheudule Being Traced Horizontally and Vertically;

- Good practices of Establishing a Valid Schedule Critical Path;

- Ensuring Reasonable Total Float for the Activities Reflected in the Schedule;

- The Need for Schedule Update;

- Project Delay Claim;

- Project Schedule Compression.