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The main challenges in the growth of project management outsourcing are in accepting project control as a separate function and in delegating this to other departments or vendors.

Although some organizations have a separate structure of project controls in place, this is not prevalent in most of the organizations. There is the need for increasing awareness and sharing of best practices by different companies on this subject. This is where Ekton comes in.

The last decade has seen a phenomenal increase in outsourcing of services and has changed the way Project Management is done. Cost pressures and improvement of quality have been the main drivers for the growth in this sector. As Ekton, we are specialists in making this happen.

Ekton offers on-site project control and has also introduced the concept of “remote project control” and offers it as a service to clients. With this, project control is done by a separate group that is located offsite with its own infrastructure facilities, tools, software, and personnel.