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Due to a heightening shift in the nature and construct of the organizational workforce, flexibility, temporary staffing, contractors and project teams are becoming a mainstream solution to staffing. This is the difference you need to remain agile and market first.

At Ekton Project Controls, niche expertise, deep market awareness, and proven technological strategies remain at the heart of helping our clients manage new initiatives. Our Project Management recruitment team has the market expertise to match the right talent with your immediate project needs.

Why use Ekton Recruitment Services?

Ekton is a preferred supplier of modern and advanced services to Project owners in subsaharan Africa. Ekton is an incumbent supplier of temporary and permanent recruitment to Project Management.

Demonstrating our ability to source and supply Project Management recruitment solutions is our priority.

All our Project & Programme Management recruitment consultancy services are carried out by our own in-house team of project management practitioners – experienced in programme and project delivery, and experienced in providing a project management recruitment solution to meet your requirements.

We specialize in the areas of Project scheduling, Risk analysis, and Cost control.