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Our staffing management plan is tailored to the various needs of each specific project. We create a staffing management plan that suits your business and is imperative to its overall success in your daily operations.

The mere availability of required skills in an organization does not guarantee the smooth accomplishment of identified project deliverables. The making of a project team requires various complex considerations. Ekton has all the required ingredients in depth for your staffing needs and success.

Project management involves selecting, assembling, and assigning work to a project team with the appropriate skill sets to meet the project deliverables identified during the project initiation stage. Our staffing plan also provides any non-labor resources such as tools, equipment, or processes required by the project team to undertake the assigned tasks.

Skill set required.

The primary consideration of the staffing plan for project management is to determine the specific skill sets required for completing project deliverables. The staffing plan entails drawing up a time schedule for specific skill requirements based on the project schedule and task plan.

One important phase in developing a project management staffing plan is undertaking a skills inventory based on knowledge, skills, and abilities of the human resources of the organization and matching the same with the skill sets required. Our staffing plan at Ekton considers existing staff on the payroll of the organization, staff on contract, and new hires.