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Infused with AI, Ekton Project Analytics solutions  (i.e. Microsoft Power BI, IBM Cognos Analytics, Oracle Primavera) combined with a solid command of cost engineering and cost/schedule risk analysis, help small and large organizations maximize the value of their project data, unearth insights, build plans and respond in real-time to projects demands. 

Go beyond the what. Get to the why, and plan for what’s next. 

Within one integrated process, our highly skilled planners, schedulers, risk analysts, and cost engineers create project controls (Scope + Schedule + Cost +Risk) and analytics solutions specifically tailored to your project or program’s needs. Our innovative firm offers cost engineering and project services at all phases of the project and program lifecycle. 

Whether you need to assess your project’s current conditions, strengthen your project management team or train your team in project scheduling, cost/financial management, and risk analysis management, we offer services that meet your needs. Driven by a passion for cost engineering and artificial intelligence, Ekton’s team produces probabilistic costs and schedulefor satisfied oil/gas and Government clients. 


Specialties: Consulting in planning and scheduling, cost & financial management, integrated cost/schedule risk analysis. Program/Project management & cost engineering training. 


Ekton – Project Analytics 

Project Management - In-depth AI-based project analytics - Integrated Schedule and Cost Control - Risk-adjusted projections - Training and Coaching - Recruitment and Outsourcing.