Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C) for Oil and Gas Projects

Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C) Leveraging Advanced Software Solutions for Oil & Gas Industry.

At Ekton Project Analytics, our Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C) service integrates industry-leading software solutions - Oracle Primavera Cloud, Ineight Schedule, and Powerproject - tailored specifically for the unique demands of the oil and gas industry.

Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C)

At Ekton Project Analytics, our Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C) service integrates industry-leading software solutions - Oracle Primavera Cloud, Ineight Schedule, and Powerproject - tailored specifically for the unique demands of the oil and gas industry.

Key Advantages of Ekton's Optimized Project Planning & Control?

  • Unified Management of Project Scope, Schedule, and Budget: Leveraging Oracle Primavera Cloud, our PP&C service synchronizes project scope, schedule, and budget, creating a unified vision of project objectives and constraints. This integration streamlines management, optimizes resource utilization, and drives your oil and gas project towards its goals within the set timeline and budget.

  • Proactive Detection of Project Deviations: Using Ineight Schedule and Powerproject, our service facilitates early detection of potential discrepancies and risks in your project lifecycle. These tools enable our teams to swiftly enact corrective measures, ensuring your project remains compliant with industry regulations and on track towards successful delivery.

  • Fostered Stakeholder Collaboration and Communication: Our PP&C service promotes a platform for stakeholder engagement and communication. We ensure stakeholder alignment around project goals, fostering informed decision-making, enhancing transparency, and executing effective risk management throughout your oil and gas project lifecycle.

Our PP&C service leverages Oracle Primavera Cloud, a robust project management solution, to integrate project scope, schedule, and budget for oil/gas projects.

It enables comprehensive visibility into the project's key aspects, fostering efficient execution and effective resource management.

This approach ensures all project facets are aligned and contributes to the successful completion of the project within the constraints.

We use Ineight Schedule, an AI-driven project management tool, to track project performance in real-time and detect deviations from the plan early.

This technology facilitates prompt corrective actions, mitigating the impact of potential delays or cost overruns specific to the oil and gas industry, like regulatory changes or supply chain disruptions.

Our PP&C service uses Oracle Primavera Cloud to outline project objectives, deliverables, and activities based on your unique needs in the oil/gas sector.

This framework provides a thorough, realistic, and efficient project plan, tailored to the specific complexities and requirements of oil/gas projects.

By employing Oracle Primavera Cloud and Ineight Schedule, our PP&C service continually monitors project performance against set objectives.

These platforms offer real-time data, analytics, and insights, enabling us to assess project progress and take proactive steps to address any areas of concern.

We utilize VPlanner to implement the Last Planner System (LPS) within our PP&C framework.

This software promotes a collaborative, commitment-based approach to planning and execution, reducing waste and increasing productivity in oil/gas projects.

This approach is particularly beneficial in the dynamic and challenging environment of the oil and gas industry.

In our PP&C service, we adopt a 4D construction modelling and scheduling software for complex oil/gas projects.

This technology allows us to visualize the project progression over time, enhancing the team's understanding of project timelines and potential conflicts.

This leads to better decision-making, improved safety, and more efficient use of resources.

Our PP&C service promotes effective stakeholder collaboration through the shared project visibility enabled by Oracle Primavera Cloud and Ineight Schedule.
These tools facilitate consistent and transparent communication with stakeholders, enhancing decision-making, and ensuring alignment with project objectives.
The result is a more unified, informed, and proactive project team, ready to tackle the unique challenges of oil and gas projects.

Project Planning and Control Implementation Steps

Are you seeking a proven solution to consistently deliver successful outcomes through superior project planning and control in the demanding oil and gas sector?

Discover Ekton Project Analytics' Optimized Project Planning & Control (PP&C) service, utilizing Oracle Primavera Cloud, Vplanner, Ineight Schedule, and advanced 4D construction modelling.

Engage with Ekton Project Analytics to learn how our sophisticated solutions can drive your project's efficiency, predict project deviations, and provide seamless integration of your project scope, schedule, and budget.

Amplify your project's potential, surpass industry standards and stay ahead in the dynamic oil and gas sector. Get in touch with us today to discover how our PP&C service can be tailored to your specific project requirements.

Take the first step towards superior project outcomes with Ekton Project Analytics. Your project's success is our mission.

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